A Night in the Kingdom

The Queen was holding court in the castle when a knight, Sir Drago, appeared and handed her the following letter: Lissers are Coming

Dear Queen, the yellow spotted lizards are coming we are ready.

As the Queen was reading this missive, another knight, Sir Johnny, appeared and handed her another letter with even more urgency:

Lisrds on the LosDear Mom the Queen, yellow spotted lizards are on the loose.

Obviously, the Queen was quite concerned and she began to ponder a response to this threat. Then, Sir Drago appeared again with the following:

The Dark KnightDear Queen, the black knight is coming we are armed. From Drago.

The Queen was clearly more concerned about the threat of the Black Knight than that of the yellow spotted lizards. She knew that the kingdom was soon to be under seige. She prepared to call the knights to defend the castle. Then, Sir Drago wrote again and it was clear that he was hurried in writing this message...

BewareDear Queen, beware.

Sir Drago and Sir Johnny fought valiantly and were rewarded for their service. The Queen arranged for a page to serve them Tofutti Cuties and chocolate truffles. Their work was not done, however, and the Queen sent the following request:

The Queen's Request

Some time passed and the Queen continued her merry-making. Within the hour, she received a progress report from Sir Johnny and Sir Drago:

The Bell TowerI'm Johnny and Drago. We are cleaning the bell tower. From Drago and Johnny.

The Queen smiled and a few minutes later she received the last communication from her faithful knights.

All Cleen