Five and One

Soccer 2007The soccer season has ended and I think that Coach Luisa can declare it a success even if success is simply defined as survival. So, how did our overly competitive boy do this season? Was he civilized? Did he learn to win and lose with grace or did he drink the blood of his opponents? He still has much to learn but he made progress. He brags less...or at least he doesn't brag in public as much. He learned to recognize the accomplishments of his teammates and toss a few encouraging words their way. He learned the value of good sportsmanship or, more accurately, learned that being a good sport is sometimes rewarded with pizza and ice cream. This season taught me a few things too. I realized that winning is kinda fun and it is awesome to watch your son score 9 goals in one game. I learned that, even if your child believes he is the greatest soccer player in all the land, he really wants and needs to hear it from you. I was able to tell Miguel that he is a great soccer player and you know what? It didn't make him unbearable. It made him smile.