Factory Work

I haven't been blogging. Of course, you know that because you come here looking for something new and find nothing but the same old posts. The problem is my job. It is sucking the life out of me right now. I could write 10 pages about our staffing problems, my frantic, hypervigilant co-workers and fidgety supervisors but, for now, I offer you the Adult Protection Worker's Creed:

Give me your aggressive and grandiose, Your confused with misdirected anger The wretched and difficult with much to say Send these - the rude, the ignorant - to me; After I've spoken to them, I'll attend to the actual clients.

Next week will be better, right? Next week, I won't feel like I work on an assembly line, putting a single tiny nut on a single tiny bolt for eight hours of every single day only to have someone else remove the nut and put the whole pile back in front of me. Right?

Let's hope.