With This Ring, I Thee Infect

Miguel has a weird, disfiguring lesion on his lip. I am convinced it is impetigo because I was very busy yesterday with my friend Google*. Since discovering impetigo is extremely contagious, I have also discovered that Miguel has a habit of wiping his mouth with the back of his hand approximately 3,000 times per day. Not to be outdone, Zeca has developed some sort of sickness that involves mouth breathing and a lot of nasal drainage. She likes to wipe her nose on the pant leg of any adult within reach. Are these the images that come to mind when you think of a ring bearer and flower girl? No, I am sure they are not and, yet, we are heading to a wedding tomorrow where they are to play these roles.  Ring bearers and flower girls are supposed to be cute. They are part of the ceremony primarily so guests can behold the cuteness and smile. The are not supposed to make the guests recoil. We have spent months getting clothes, shoes and accessories for the little cherubs and now their primary contributions will be handshakes laced with bacteria and snot. We are heading to the doctor's office in an hour where I am hoping that they will tell me that we are lucky because there is a 24 hour cure for both of these ailments. If not, I'll be wearing gloves and an apron at the wedding which was not to be part of my original ensemble.

*A little piece of advice...do not Google "impetigo images" unless you want to recreate the scene about skin diseases from Crimes of the Heart. At the very least, wait until you have finished your lunch. Trust me on this.