Who Needs Dignity?

ZecaIn Miguel's first three years of school, he quickly developed a reputation for hilarious antics, sometimes at the expense of his parents' dignity. Miguel has now moved on to first grade and his sister has entered the school. I figured this was perfect timing because I didn't want his large presence to overshadow her personality or experience. This was one time when I didn't need to worry. She has been at school for only two weeks and there are already stories circulating about her. One day, Zeca stood up in the middle of the classroom and began singing "Yellow Submarine" at the top of her lungs. I asked the teacher if anyone noticed and she cleared her throat and said kindly, "It would have been impossible to miss". I recognize that her singing was disruptive but I actually found it quite endearing. It was less endearing, however, to learn that Zeca was having lunch with her teacher this week and said to her, "You got boobs just like my mama!"