I used to have a lot of hobbies...reading, playing guitar and writing songs to name a few. Since my children were born, however, I've had to reduce the number of hobbies due to time constraints. Now, I really only have one: worrying about my children. While not a very relaxing hobby, it is a wonderful way for me to express my creativity. I can observe one of my children doing something, interpret it in the worst possible way, take it two or three additional steps and then conclude with..."and that's how they'll end up in prison". I can do this with absolutely anything. It's a gift, really. Clearly, this is not a healthy hobby and I have decided to pursue other interests. I hear scrapbooking is lovely. Perhaps I'll begin to collect miniature horses. The world is my hobby-oyster. Before I make the change, though, let's play a game and have a little fun with my neuroses. You give me an example of something you would observe a child doing and I will spin it into something worrisome - right before your very eyes!  You will get to see my very special Super Power unleashed!