Heddy Potta

Some people read the Harry Potter books, some don't and some just make snide comments about those who do. Let me come right out and say it - we are a Harry Potter household. Luisa and I have read the books more than once (I estimate that Luisa has read each of them 79 times). We have read the first four books to Miguel and are in the middle of the fifth book, The Order of the Phoenix. Even Zeca knows about Harry. She will pick up the fifth book with effort and say, "Miguel - here is your Heddy Potta". We have many fun plans this weekend, including a night out with many of our closest friends without our children, but The Deathy Hollows is creating the most excitement at this point. Luisa will get to read it first because there is some unwritten law that declares it to be so. By the end of the weekend, she will know how it all ends. I'll have to wait until next week. If anyone has ever wondered just how much I love Luisa, let me tell you. This morning, I offered to take both children to the Art Car Parade - by myself, in the heat - so that she could stay home and read in peace. That is love. Will Harry Potter die? Let's vote!

I say no...please no.