Baseballs and Butterflies

Lunch Boxes Let us harken back to the days of the days in which I pondered my future children.  With complete faith, I imagined that I would raise children that would dash all gender stereotypes. My boy would be a quiet and thoughtful artist, a boy with no interest in sports and rough play. My girl would hate pink, would shun dresses and would walk around with a sling shot in her back pocket.  This would happen because I would will it to be so. I believed in the almighty power of the parent.

Fast forward six years...see that picture above? Those are my children's new lunch boxes. The colors and emblems were chosen by the children from a catalog with no input from their parents. Miguel's is the one of the left and Zeca's is the one on the right. Yes, it has come to this...baseballs and butterflies.

Let the mocking begin...I'll lead the charge.