The Potty Princesses

Disney PrincessesZeca received this lovely Disney Princess tin from her Aunt Patti and keeps all of her treats in there, including the shocking pink PEZ bunny that Aunt Patti also gave her. My sister seems to believe that it is her role to single-handedly balance the androgynous front that Luisa and I present. Zeca adores her princess box and likes to hold it while she sits on the potty. When this first began, she would look at it and say, "Who dat?" as she pointed to each of the figures on the box. I'm not up on the princesses but, somehow, was able to name even the third one on the right which filled me with an odd sense of accomplishment. I told her, "That's Cinderella, that's Snow White and that's Belle". This became our new pastime...potty and princess identification. Recently, Zeca decided that she was ready to ID the princesses herself because she climbed onto the potty, asked for her box and immediately said, "I do it". She pointed at the first one and said, "Cinderella". She pointed to the third one and said, "Belle". She totally skipped the second one and, because I crave order, I needed her to name that second princess. I pointed at the middle gal and asked, "Zeca...who's that?" She said, "Oh yeah...that's No Wipe".