I'm Busy and Wearing Short Pants

Grinnell reunion, balloon animals at Miguel's school, gymnastics, chorus, a long visit from the mother-in-law, lots of work and the end of the school year picnic tonight - this has been a busy and very long week. I no longer appear to be capable of rational thought. I know this because I find myself wearing capri pants today. At work, I am a jeans and plain shirt kind of gal and, on evenings and weekends, I am a shorts and t-shirt kind of gal. Yet, at this very moment, I am in pants that are not quite pants and not quite shorts and this has left me with low pant-esteem. I have seen other women looking quite snazzy in capris and I thought I might look good in capris. One delusion led to another and I started to think that I might even look hip and cool in capris.

Capris make some women look like they just stopped by to visit before going to do a little rock climbing and white water rafting. Their muscular legs peek out of the pants and say, "Hey...I am rugged and carefree!". However, capris can make other women look like they are about to go to the Minnesot-ah! store to pick up a nice pair of moccasions and a souvenir t-shirt proclaiming the mosquito to be the Minnesota state bird. Let's just say...I have a sneaking suspicion that people are going to stop me and ask for directions to the Mall of America.

I guess I'll just smile and suggest that they try the cheese curds.