Covert Operation

A long time ago in an office far, far away...a man came to work wearing a pair of royal blue, poly/cotton sport shorts. He paired these with a short-sleeved, plaid cotton oxford and finished the ensemble with a pair of flip flops. Now, the office dress code was quite relaxed but his attire was clearly inappropriate to the setting. We will refer to this man as "the subject". One of the man's colleagues, let's call her A, saw him and e-mailed a third colleague, let's call her B, asking if, perhaps, the subject had been called in from the beach. A petty e-mail to be certain but meant to be a harmless joke between friends. Moments later, B approached A laughing so hard that she could barely choke out the question, " you realize that you sent that e-mail to me and to the subject." A was horrified and began packing up her belongings because, clearly, she was going to have to quit her job in shame and join the circus. B then convinced A that there was another option...B believed that the offending e-mail could be deleted before the subject read it.

A few minutes later, the subject went to get coffee and A and B sprang into action. A trotted off towards the coffee pot and engaged the subject in conversation. B dashed into the subject's cube.  After a lively 10 minute discussion about business envelopes,  A returned to her work area to find an e-mail that simply read, "deleted".

True story? Maybe...maybe not.