Blogging for LGBT Families Day

Blogging for LGBT Families 2007Mombian is hosting the second Blogging for LGBT Families Day and has links to numerous bloggers who are participating. I submitted Two Moms as my official post though I considered Where's Daddy as well. I have written on occasion about my tendency to take my life here in Minneapolis for granted. We are so fortunate that our family is accepted, not simply tolerated here. I also forget sometimes the power of coming out. My 20th high school reunion is at the end of this month. We won't be able to attend but I still wanted to be counted. So, this week, I submitted my bio. I wrote about my partner and our children and sent along a picture of our family. I felt nervous because my high school is in Kansas which is not known for its progressive politics. This was a small act but I wanted to make sure that my family is seen. The reunion contact sent back a lovely message complimenting me on my beautiful family.

 Today, I am travelling to Grinnell for my college reunion. I am going with my ex-partner and we will each be bringing pictures of our families. Grinnell is a liberal place so it is unlikely that any eyebrows will be raised. Still, I believe that each time we make our families visible we take a brave step towards a better place for all of us.