Inch by Inch

This weekend, Inch WormMiguel found an inch worm and watched it with intense interest for close to half an hour. He stood in the sunlight, transfixed by this tiny creature, and I sat nearby watching him with the same sense of awe. At one point, he called me over  and we watched together as the inch worm chewed its way through a leaf. I have seen inch worms before and I know that they eat leaves but I have never watched an inch worm taking bites, have never seen the chewed path it leaves behind, have never seen its body change colors as the leaves move through it. When the worm had finished eating, I stared at my son and thanked him for sharing the experience with me. He smiled and said, "I thought you'd like it". He gently picked up the worm, walked down the stairs and placed it in the garden. He said "goodbye", not to me but to the worm, and ran off to play with his friends. In that moment, I could see clearly the person he is becoming and I felt something completely foreign to me...I was at peace.