Half Empty

We have spent the entire evening outside playing. Miguel is exhausted and it is past his bedtime. He lies on the floor limp and crying about the injustices in the world which, apparently, include not being able to read Harry Potter before bed. I lose my patience which, as always, makes everything run so much more smoothly. Luisa comes in to take over - she gets his pajamas on and puts him into bed. He asks if he can stay up and read because he has forgotten the conversation about reading that took place approximately 1.7 minutes before. Luisa tells him that it is too late and he begins to wail once again about the cruelty of the world. I come back in to sing songs for him and his sister. I sing "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music and when it is over, I tell Miguel that when I feel sad I think of him and how much I love him.  He says, "Yeah? Well, when I am really sad I think about how unfair my life is!"