The Much Maligned Peep

A couple of weeks ago, Miguel and I made our annual Peep Pilgrimage to purchase bulk quantities of peeps for this year's centerpieces. As we were driving to the store, we talked excitedly of our favorite peep colors. Miguel: I really like the new green peeps!

Me: You do? I don't really like the green ones.

Miguel (in his most serious voice): Mom. Don't say that. You will hurt their feelings.

Me: Oh honey, peeps don't really have feelings.

Miguel (earnestly): Yes, mom, they do. The squishy stuff inside is really their hearts and they hurt when you say mean things.

Me (slightly uncomfortable): Um...well...uh...hey, your shoe's untied!

Even though I don't believe a heart beats beneath their sugary exterior, I winced when I read the Star-Tribune piece about a local restaurant making peeps from scratch. The article called the traditional peeps "aggressively fake". Aggressively fake.

The poor misunderstood.