Just Plain Wrong

When I walked into the Government Center this morning, the public service level was covered in banners to celebrate the new stadium for the Minnesota Twins.

"Though the team and the county declined to reveal how much more the Twins would contribute -- the team has already committed $130 million to the largely taxpayer-supported project -- officials said they were confident the 40,000-seat stadium would move forward, even as they cautioned that one more hurdle needed to be cleared." 

Mike Kaszuba, Star Tribune

Did you catch the line, "largely taxpayer-supported project"? I sure did. I can't express the joy that I feel when I think of my tax dollars going to build an outdoor stadium for a wealthy team owner and his millionaire baseball players. I can't believe how long they have suffered playing ball inside.

I would love to write more but I should get back to work. I have to try to find affordable housing that doesn't exist for my clients who are currently sleeping under the Franklin Street bridge.