Fourteen Years

File0015 Look at young and so floral. Do you like our tan lines? Aren't we precious? This picture was taken almost 14 years ago by a fellow Lesbian Avenger as we were getting ready for the Aquatennial Milk Carton Boat Race.

It was 14 years ago today that this life began. Honestly, I don't think either of us could have ever imagined the life that we have today. As we stood posing in those lovely polyester swimsuits, we couldn't know that we would stay together and then buy a house, get jobs that paid what we felt we deserved and have children. We didn't know that we would end up surrounded by amazing people that would help keep us grounded and fed. The hair has grayed, the bodies are a bit softer, the eyes are a bit more tired but the smiles are the same. Though this life we have created can be exhausting at times, the smiles are still the same. I will take that as a sign that we are doing something right. Fourteen years. Fourteen. We could have travelled to Pluto and back...and maybe we have.

Happy Anniversary, Luisa. Or as our son might say, "Happy Birthday to your relationship - bring cake!"