Festival of Peeps

So Happy TogetherSarah ventured out to Lucia's last night in search of the gourmet peeps mentioned in the last post. She was able to get her hands on the very last basket of them. The Very Last. She won't tell us how much they cost but she did mention that she stopped at Pawn America afterwards and she doesn't have her iPod with her this morning, so... Because she is a kind and generous soul, Sarah brought the gourmet peeps or "Peepers", as Lucia's calls them, into work this morning and we had a Festival of Peeps.

We had four tasters:

Kristin eats a gourmet peep

Kristin: "Flavorful creamy and delicious - not really like a Peep is supposed to taste at all."

Vikki eats a gourmet peep

Vikki: "Tastes like a Hostess snowball. Oh...it is so good. Would I be a Peep traitor if I said that I wanted to take a bath in Peepers?"

Sarah eats a gourmet peep

Sarah: "After eating 6 hot pink ones in the past 24 hours? It tasted like real food. Biting into a slice of a pure toasty sweet Easter cloud."

Colleen eats a gourmet peep

Colleen: "The taste was a mild, coconut confection filled with a sweet, satisfying blend of marshmallow splendor."

 As you can see, everyone hated the high class peeps and remained loyal to the original Just Born Peeps. Just as I expected.

With this, I bid you adieu until Monday when this year's Peep Centerpiece will be revealed. Happy whatever you celebrate this weekend...Easter, spring, a day off from work...