The Daddy Update

This weekend, we braved the sub-zero temperatures here in Minneapolis to do a little book shopping. We bought two books for Zeca's classroom. "Who's in a Family?" by Robert Skutch is a great book that discusses all types of family structures. Both kids enjoyed the book. There is a lesbian family with two children and a dog depicted in the book. After reading the whole book, Miguel's burning question was, "Why does it take both moms and boths kids to wash that dog?" Zeca had no comment other than to issue a proclamation, "MINE!"


We also bought "The Family Book" by Todd Parr. This book shows different types of families in all sorts of bold colors. I have to admit that I find the colors distracting but the kids loved it. Miguel's primary concern was that the author drew rings around Earth and there are not really rings around Earth. He thought this was silly. Zeca also wanted everyone to know that this book is hers as well.


This morning, we met with the director of Zeca's child care center to discuss the issue. She told us that she met with Ruth on Friday (after my call) and, "Ruth admitted that she had been encouraging Zeca to call one of you daddy." So, Ruth didn't invent a daddy for Zeca after all. No, Ruth decided that one of us must be the daddy and passed that little bit of wisdom onto Zeca.  The director did seem to recognize that Ruth's response was quite unique. We provided the director with resources to obtain additional training for the staff and asked that she arrange a formal training. She agreed to do so.

That's it for now.