The Breakup

Tony Dungy was once an assistance coach with the Minnesota Vikings. He always struck me as a nice guy. It's true that "nice" is always relative and, back then, the Vikings were nothing but overpaid thugs. Still, I liked him. He left Minnesota and went to Tampa Bay and then Indianapolis. Everytime I saw him on TV, I would think, "Oh...Tony Dungy is such a nice guy". Last night, I rooted for his team to win the Super Bowl because good things should happen to nice people. Right? The Colts did win and I was happy for Tony. As he held the Lombardi trophy, he seemed humble and kind. I like that in a person, especially a highly paid professional football coach. Then, he started talking about God and Christianity. His exact words are lost but he might as well have said that God was his running back. I was so disappointed. I really thought Tony was above thanking God for his team's performance in a football game, like God has nothing better to do. God was thinking, "I would love to help the people in central Florida who lost everything they had in those terrible storms but, really, the Colts need to convert a 3rd and 8".  After the post-game show, Tony and I were on the outs. I was willing to let him make it up to me...maybe some flowers or some nice McElrath chocolates. I could forgive. My heart was open.

Then, this morning, I read King Kaufman and the original link at Outsports. It's official...I am done with Tony Dungy. I'll buy my own damn chocolates.