Fever and Loathing in Minneapolis

Zeca  spiked a fever yesterday evening. We should have seen it coming all day - the glassy eyes, the red cheeks, her desire to lie still - but we tried to ignore it. We said things like, "Wow, Zeca sure is shiny these days, isn't she? Must be because she is about to turn 2"..."Look at those rosy cheeks! She's like a cherub!"..."Zeca has finally decided to learn the downward facing dog. Yoga babies are so cute". By the time we actually stuck a thermometer under her arm, we were resigned. After two weeks of gooey nasal passages and mouth breathing, Zeca finally succumbed to the viral craze sweeping the nation. So, I am "working from home" today and taking her in to see her doctor. On the upside, it's January which means we'll get to pay all those first dollar deductibles! Will you all send bacterial vibes our way so that we can hope for antibiotics and a quick recovery? While I wait, I'll go change my shirt - it's got a sheen to it. A sheen is good when you are wearing satin but not so much when you've been carrying around a child that is oozing from the nose and leaving snail-like trails in her wake.