Confessions of a D-list Blogger

So, what's a blogger like me doing with a snazzy blog like this? I asked myself this very question weeks before I ever charged the domain and hosting charges on my World Perks Visa. I'm not a famous blogger. I don't make any money from blogging. I am not a published writer. I am one little Minneapolitan writing about lesbian things and mom things and a lot of miscellaneous things. I have fewer page views than a blog about gum disease but I keep blogging because it keeps me sane. As I pondered making this switch, I kept thinking, "I am just a mom" and it was that single word, "just", that kept discouraging me. I am not the only mother out there who has thought of herself as just a mother. We live in a society in which parenting is not supported on any level, yet, mothers are the first to be blamed for the problems facing children today. We work too much. We don't cook at home. We overschedule our children. We push too hard or not enough. We can't be trusted to act as adults who happen to have children. We are just mothers. We are just women. We are just so many things that keep us in our places. It becomes very easy, then, to begin to think that we don't deserve anything for ourselves. Every time we think of ourselves as just mothers, we limit ourselves and give away a tiny piece of our power.

I'm tired of a lot of things these days but I am really tired of limits. In Bird by Bird, Anne Lamotte writes, "If you want to write, you get to" and I want to write, dammit. So, I am going to and, in doing so, I am claiming my own complexity.

Welcome to the new (and hopefully improved) Up Popped A Fox! I hope you'll stick around...