New Year's Day

I managed to have a good New Year's Eve day despite the circumstances. I went to a movie for the first time in ages. We visited with mom for awhile but then she asked us to leave. She set us free which meant we could leave without guilt. My sister, my nephew and I went out for dinner and had a fabulous time talking. Later, my sister and I watched a movie at home. My sister left and I fully intended to go to bed and sleep right through the New Year. The problem was that I couldn't go to sleep. I watched a sappy movie and did laundry. I talked to Luisa on the phone a few times and wished so much that I was with her, the children, our close friends. They were all together and I was here, folding bras alone. Not that I usually need company to fold bras but, you know, company for bra folding on New Year's wouldn't be so bad. I believe this is the first time in my entire life that I have been completely alone when the clock struck twelve. I lived to tell the tale.

The New Year begins today. If 2007 sucks, I'm gonna be spittin' mad.

Kristin said...

it's not gonna suck. as we speak i am figuring out how to get us cheaper parking.

8:46 AM

Anonymous said...
vikki wow that is a lot i hope your mother is doing better and healing swiftly and that you are done floding bras

peace & love leigh

11:42 AM

sarah g said...
oh, i am thinking of you vikki. i am sure there will be some good stuff coming your way this year too. come back. i miss you around here.

2:40 PM

Susan said...
yeah, vikki's back home! time for a new blog chapter.


6:45 AM

Colleen said...
How are you and your mom?

10:29 AM