Cats and Dogs

There is a small group of girls in Miguel's class that do almost everything together. Miguel refers to them as "The Girls". Last night, he told us that his favorite part of the day was playing with The Girls and his friend, Jack, during recess. Me: What did you play? Miguel: We played house. Me: Oh, what role did you play? Miguel: I was the dog. Me: Really? The dog? Miguel: Yes, I'm always the dog. Me: What role did Jack play? Miguel: He was the cat. Me: So you were the dog and Jack was the cat? What were The Girls? Miguel: Well, they were the people of course.

Girl Power, indeed.

Susan Raffo said...
Very sweet... and very interesting once he starts relaying stories about how the people pet the cat and the dog.

8:44 AM

Colleen said...
Maybe he is a pampered pet?

7:28 AM

Anonymous said...
vikki can i send out your blog entry about the noodles and company adventure - to my email list? peace & love leigh

9:56 AM

Justin said...

Hahah!! a hilarious one. LOL!! MY Mom n sister laughed more than me.

2:31 AM

Vikki said...

Leigh - yes, you can send out my blog entry. Thanks for asking :)

7:27 AM

Polly P said...
Yow! Or should I say, meow!

2:14 PM

sarah said...
i love it!

12:48 PM

Nina said...
Thank God someone else is takin gup some of the dog and cat slack, I'm going crazy with that game with Jack. But I'm always the owner.

7:01 PM