Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

I am at work but have nothing to do. I am just biding my time until I can leave. I should be planning for our departure tomorrow but that seems a bit too overwhelming. So, instead, I am shoe shopping online. I find myself yearning for a simpler time, a time when I could buy whatever shoes I wanted without worrying about the cost or the practicality. In that simpler time, I would run out right now and buy these:

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Alas, I think that I will have to settle for something else. I need to replace the black shoes that have holes in the bottoms, the black shoes that allowed the snowy slush in and froze my feet yesterday. I can't justify buying the beautiful boots and a pair of black shoes. That would just be craziness!

We are off to Pittsburgh tomorrow night and won't return until next Thursday night. I doubt I'll be blogging until we get back, so, Happy Holidays to all and don't drink too much eggnog!

sarah g said...
oh, what beautiful boots they are! i feel like i know them so well, yet, we have never met. how will they ever learn of your desire? when you get some practical black shoes, will they know you are silently cursing them with each step?you are missing nothing here-- but you are missed!

1:09 PM