Citizens of the Village - Beware

We are heading to Pittsburgh to spend Christmas with our in-laws. My in-laws love Christmas and enthusiastically decorate inside and out. The outside of the house is covered in lights and the yard is filled with glowing carolers, angels and candles. They cut their own enormous tree and are terribly disappointed if it doesn't touch the peak of the vaulted ceiling in their living room. Every table and shelf is adorned with a Christmas decoration of some sort. There are candles and about a thousand tiny street scenes like the one below:

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As I write this, those innocent villagers are happily strolling past lovely shops and ice skating with joyous smiles, unaware of that which awaits them. Run happy villagers! Run back to your snow capped Victorian mansions! Run for your lives because you are about to incur the wrath of a 21 month old. That's right...she is coming and she is coming for you!

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And when she is finished with you gentle villagers, as you lie battered and broken among the ruins of your quaint town, what will she be doing? Well, she'll be laughing and having a snack...

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sarah g said...
i am terrified!

1:37 PM

Kristin said...

I can't get past the Mr. Rogers influence of the christmas scene.

8:18 AM