Thanksgiving: An Interview with Miguel

Me: Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Miguel: Because it's about giving thanks.

Me: Why do we give thanks?

Miguel: For everything we have in our lives.

Me: What are you thankful for?

Miguel: I am thankful for having moms and having a home. I'm thankful for me having a baby sister.

Me: Why are you glad you have a baby sister?

Miguel: Because she plays with me a lot.

Me: Do you know anything about pilgrims?

Miguel: What does that mean? What are pilgrims?

Me: What's the best part of Thanksgiving?

Miguel: You make cranberry sauce.

Me: How do you make it?

Miguel: You put fresh cranberries in a bowl. You wash them. You keep the orange peel on the orange and grind the orange peels. You blend it in a food processor. Then, you taste it. Then, you add sugar. You add 3 scoops of sugar. Then, you taste it. And then, you put it in the bowl. Then, you are ready to do the next batch.

Miguel: You have a nice Thanksgiving!