Mothers Goose

It was 21 degrees this morning but we are Minnesotans (transplants, though we are). As such, we donned coats, hats and gloves and walked to our local coffee shop. We had coffee and the kids had hot chocolate. We consumed an assortment of fresh baked goods. Then, Luisa got a ham and egg breakfast sandwich with a side of greens. Miguel ate all of the greens and Zeca ate all the ham. We are living with Jack Sprat and his wife.

Luisa said...
Our children are not transplants... they are Minnesotans!

7:37 AM

Kristin said...

I have a big sausage I am saving especially for Zeca.

8:02 AM

Anonymous said...
hey all i have been traveling for work' last week i was in Nashville whre i presented at the first ever Child Welfare League of America's conference just on LGBTQ youth in care. I am reading your blogs that i have missed...and even though i concure with many of the anonynous posts.. the anonymous posts that are not signed with my name are not mine i sign mine with my name peace & love leigh

9:55 AM

Kristin said...

Hi Leigh, Yes I was informed by the "anonymous" reporter that she was not you. Anyway, nice to see you back in action.

10:54 AM