June Cleaver is a Lesbian

I have friends who are active in the national political arena. I have a friend who is attending documentary school in New York. My partner just went to Mozambique to work with health ministers there on issues related to HIV/AIDS. While they are all out there movin’ and a shakin’, I am trying to figure out what Miguel can use as bowling pins for the gingerbread bowling alley that he is planning. When my friends talk about their work around issues of white privilege, it is hard to work in a cute anecdote about my baby walking around with a pull-up on her head. When my friend talks about his documentary project on terrorism, I listen intently and ask questions but I feel like we live in completely different worlds. My family is what is most important to me and it makes me feel so damn old fashioned. I may be a lesbian but I seem to have more in common with June Cleaver with every passing day. Before you know it, you’ll show up at my house to find me in a snappy little cocktail dress. I’ll press a martini in your hand, call you “dear” and then retreat to my room to polish my pearls. I’m a feminist, for god’s sake. Why do I sometimes feel like being a good mother is just not enough?

Colleen said...
I can't imagine, a snappy cocktail dress...and apron. Life as a parent is full, overwhelming, but the wonderful moments with pull-ups over the head are what makes it priceless.

11:19 AM

sarah g said...
i think it is the most important job in the world. you make me want to be a good mom someday. and i think that's more than enough.

12:40 PM

Anonymous said...
I have some pearls and a cocktail dress if you need to borrow them.

1:00 PM

Anonymous said...
no one is addressing the premise- is what we do every day important and can we ever do enough? great for people who are striving for world changing movies or policies. you have a chance to make a difference with the people you interact with every day. how you do your job, how you treat your neighbor, how you treat your kids make a difference in this world. so feel free to press a martini into my hand and call me dear. we have to make choices every day and we have to do the best that we can so if you come around my house, you will soon see that there will be christmas lights on despite the horrible energy crisis. love those kids up and i am sorry but i don't have any bowling pin ideas- a peep?

6:38 PM

Anonymous said...
Leigh is totally right on. I just can't reply without including irreverant humor. Leigh is very serious, but right on.

6:31 AM

SparklieSunShine said...
I think you are at such a great advantage. You have all these exciting stories you'll be able to tell your children.I think one of the best thing about being a feminist mom is passing that on to your children. Teaching them why it's so important to be involved in what is going on in the world.

Your kids are going to influence the world significantly in their own way and they have you to learn from. That's huge!

I'm also sure your friends won't think any less of you if you include a little antedote about your children every now and then.

6:36 AM

Anonymous said...
Without hesitation I can say that giving the world two well-adjusted, enlightened, educated, productive human beings is FAR more valuable to humankind than yet another low-budget documentary that will only be seen by people who already agree with its premise.Which of your friends are working on projects which will take decades to complete and which, if done correctly, can create a ripple effect directly transforming the lives of hundreds of people for the better?

7:05 AM

Anonymous said...
Even if I can't see you in the dress or pearls, you're super funny. Maybe Miguel should just make duck pins.

11:48 AM

Anonymous said...
the whole point is not to get in a 'who is more righteous' debate. personal lives and choices aren't entered in any contest. the movie maker is no better or worse than june cleaver. even a movie seen by a few individuals might have a domino effect to more global action. i can't and don't want to judge that. as long as it contributes to the greater good, bravo to you. people have to make the best choice they can given the information that is in front of them and their ability. hopefully, the result will be true, kind, and funny and the world will be a better place for it.

3:48 PM

nina said...
Ok, totally understand where you're coming from. No matter how wonderful hearth and home is, it's not as much fun to talk about at the "so what do you do" moments.

2:38 PM