Because I Always Talk about Earth Sciences in the Middle of the Night

It is 1 a.m. and we hear Miguel call out to us from his room. We go in and he complains that his hands are hot, the sure sign that he has a fever. We dope him up and I get into bed with him. He doesn't feel well and is frightened. Vikki: Don't worry honey. Mãe and I always take good care of you.

Miguel (urgently): What mama? What did you say?

Vikki: I said, mãe and I always take good care of you.

Miguel: Oh, I thought you said "archaeologist".

Luisa said...

I didn't know about that comment but I like the "My hands are hot, get me an ice pack!", because we all know that ice packs are the best way to cool your hands down.

9:42 AM

Anonymous said...
Archaeologists often use ice packs to cool down their hands

11:49 AM

Colleen said...
Hope he is feeling better!

2:02 PM

sarah g said...
"my hands are hot," that is so funny. i empathasize with that symptom.

12:43 PM