Suddenly Mature

We are at Chipotle. We are sitting next to a table of seven pre-teen girls who are raucously showing each other their food, giggling maniacally and jostling around in their seats. We are quietly eating our food.Miguel (looking at the girls): Mama, they're not very mature are they? Vikki and Luisa (stunned, quietly snickering)

Miguel (interrupting the snickering): They are not mature.

This from the boy who hid a needle in his mouth a few weeks ago and likes to sing songs about poop.

Colleen said...
As an older brother, I am sure his intentions about singing "poop" songs was to aide in potty training. Right? FYI: the word verification has pou in it

11:49 AM

Susan Raffo said...
i find poop exceedingly mature

6:32 PM

Kristin said...
Well, you can't say he isn't observant.

9:08 AM