Focus on the Family

The National Republican convention will be held in Minnesota in 2008 and Focus on the Family held a big rally in St. Paul last night. Conservative politicians are racing to Minnesota to push their agenda by dividing people through fear. With increasing frequency, I find myself wondering what the hell is happening here. I am angry and tired and, sometimes, I will admit that I am scared. Last night, while James Dobson talked about the threat of "gay families", do you know what my very dangerous family was doing? We were at Miguel's soccer practice. We were cheering for our son and pushing our daughter on the swings. We were talking with friends and other parents about the weather and how the team was coming along. As Dobson's rally was ending, we were reading books to our children, singing them songs and tucking them into bed. I think this country has bigger problems than a couple of lesbians reading "Goodnight Moon" and singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

I fear for the future of this country also but, clearly, for different reasons than the Christian fundamentalists. I worry about the war and our international reputation. I worry because we can no longer trust our leaders to tell us the truth. I worry about the state of our education system and our ability to prepare our children for the future. I worry about the growing problems of poverty and affordable housing. I worry about the fact that many people can't afford basic health care. I worry because we are treating the Earth with such disrespect that the damage may not be surmountable. I worry about the political and culturals chasms that are opening in this country, chasms created by divisive politicians, fear and hateful rhetoric. I worry about all these things but I am most frightened by the fact that half of the country doesn't seem concerned about these things at all. These issues are the real threats to families and, yet, the focus is being directed elsewhere.

There are no easy answers to this country's problems. I can only hope that, someday, people are going to realize that and stop listening to the politicians telling them that there is always someone else to blame.

Kristin said...
Isn't James Dobson a member of NAMbLA?

9:27 AM

Anonymous said...
fI do worry about all the same stuff you do my sister. Just know that I Love my little family.

9:30 AM

Colleen said...
Oh my, in many areas of my life I feel that I have so much to learn. I had never heard of this group before, but can see how people may be drawn to the title, "Focus on the Family." After all it sounds very innocent and even welcoming to people who value their family; however the family is comprised, rich with diversity. I googled this group and found that this group appears to be anti-diversity and has an agenda to rid the world of diversity, not unlike the KKK. Their web spotlight is "We Won Out" which is a conference, which in appearances shows people who have a homosexual loved one how to change them. On the panel are all white people who have either had a homosexual family member or have been homosexual and now are not. One of the speakers Mike Haley, speaks about causes and recovery. This is an outrageous sham!

9:49 AM

Anonymous said...
I came up with a new bumper sticker "if these are your family values... i think i will stick with my own"vikki...i really appreciate your way with words...and what you have to say...... i am wondering if i could read this on my radio show and possibly at a training or two that i do?...i could use your name or just say from a lesbain mom i know

i would have been at the rally but i was working....lgbtq 101 for a group of young people in group was my own type of usual the youth were amazing. thnak peace leigh

9:54 AM

sarah g said...
right on vikki. i am scared too AND hopeful.

10:30 AM

Vikki said...
Leigh - you can read it and/or use it. I'll take credit for what I wrote so feel free to use my name.

10:59 AM

Kristin said...
Leigh, We need to get that bumper sticker printed. You can submit it to Northern Sun, I think.

11:15 AM

Anonymous said...
Kristin i use to make my own stickers and give them away...i am full of bumper sticker ideas. If you have time feel free to pass it on to them.....uh Vicki...i cannot remember how to spell your last name? peace leigh

11:41 AM

Uncle David said...
You've hit the nail on the head Vicky. For the record, you've pointed to realities and concerns with which many Christians would sympathize, so thanks for not painting us all with the same brush. Your own family puts the lie to everything Dobson says and stands for. Thank you for your example.

4:22 PM

Vikki said...
Leigh -The spelling of my name is on the main page of my blog, up by the little fox picture.

7:11 AM

Anonymous said...
hey Vikki i was looking to get the spelling of your last name and igot it ...funny uncle David did not get the spelling of your first name...that make me feel oddly better as i still misspell my little sisters married name...and my nephews....... Anyway your post went out across the country and was read on my radio peace leigh

9:22 AM