Presidential Hopeful

This morning, sitting at the dining room table: Miguel: How many more years is George Bush going to be president?

Luisa and Vikki (in unison): Two.

Miguel: And John Kerry is not going to run again?

Vikki: No, I don't think so.

Luisa: Yes, I think he will but he won't get the nomination.

Miguel: Mama, I think you should be president.

Vikki: Really? Why?

Miguel: You wouldn't send people to war.

Vikki: Probably not. I'm not going to run for president, though, because it takes too much money.

Miguel: It costs more than building onto our house?

Vikki: It takes millions of dollars.

Miguel: And you want to spend your millions of dollars on something else?

Yeah, that's it...

Kristin said...
Lesbian Mom for President!

9:13 AM

Colleen said...
You could start out as a state representative or governor, you should go for it!

6:34 PM

sarah g said...
i second that nomination, colleen.

2:33 PM