Blondes Do Have More Fun

I am walking in the cold rain. My hands are in my pockets and I am looking at the ground. Suddenly, I feel that someone is watching me. I turn and look up to see four Barbies sitting on a roof top. Their vibrant halter tops and short shorts stand out against the pale gray shingles. They are all smiling and each one has a hand raised above her head, waving to me. They are having a grand old time and the rain doesn't bother them a bit.

Anonymous said...
you must have been by the Chatterbox? i think that means that plastic, anatomically incorrect dolls with not genitalia have more fun...!? NO WAY! peace leigh

11:42 AM

sarah g said...
photo please!

2:27 PM

Emptyman said...
They still had perfect hair even in the rain, didn't they?

6:35 AM

Kristin said...
It's the Aqua Net.

7:42 AM

Anonymous said...
it's plastic hair it will be around long after we are gone peace leigh

8:07 AM