We have played a lot of Uno with Miguel since we have been in Portugal. It has become part of his bed time ritual. He has picked it up quickly and is pretty darn good at it for 5 years old. He is starting to get some of the strategy of the game and plays his cards well. I know he plays well because he can´t yet hold his cards up without me seeing them. Tonight, we had time for 6 games. He won the first 3 easily. Then, I took the fourth. He took the fifth. In our final game, I was down to three cards when he called Uno. I looked over into his hand and saw that his last card was a Wild card. It didn´t matter what I played, so, I just threw down a card. He looked at me, shook his head dejectedly and said, "I guess I´ll have to draw. I can´t play". I said, "Miguel! Your last card is a Wild card. You know that you can play!" He said, "Mama, I have had a lot of winning and I want you to be able to win some too."

Kristin said...
Ahhh, Miguel. How sweet. Tell Miguel that Augie is obssed with playing Sorry! and they will have to play when he returns.

2:19 PM

Kristin said...
ps. like my knew moniker?

2:20 PM