In Portugal

We are here. We were not affected by the Terrorist Plots but thanks to all of you who asked. In fact, I had not heard about said plots until I spoke with my mother who started the conversation with, "Oh my god, I´ve been SO worried about you!" I asked why and she told me about the terrorist stuff and I assured her that we are probably safer here in little Portugal. I still don´t know what´s been going on in the world...I am on VACATION, don´t you know? I am rather bleary eyed from our drive up north and our visit to Obidos today. Oh yeah, and the wine. Plus, I am sitting here typing this on a lap top that rests on a desk that is about two feet higher than the chair. I feel like a toddler sitting at my father´s desk. So, this entry will be simple and there will be no pictures. Here are some random thoughts on things so far...

1)People are not very nice to small children running amok in airports. The people who are not nice just might include parents of such children.

2)You can survive two flights totalling 11 hours with two young children and your period.

3)Why do European men shun deoderant and why do they always stand right above my seat on the plane?

4)Everyone smokes in Portugal. Miguel pretended to smoke his Chupa Chupa stick today.

5)The bread is so good. Seriously, there is nothing like it. Why can I buy a bag of fresh bread here for a couple bucks and have to spend 5 on a single loaf of Artisan bread at home? We can figure out how to package meals with meat that need no refrigeration but we can´t figure out how to make great bread at a good price. I am going to eat my weight in bread while I´m here. Zeca feels the same way...that´s all she had for dinner tonight.

6)When you are 27 and you have no children, walking along castle walls without any railing is amazing and awe-inspiring. When you are 37 and you are walking those same walls with a fearless and twitchy 5 year old, it makes you want to vomit.

And, on that note, I will sign off. I hope to have more coherent thoughts as they days go by and maybe even a picture or two to share. Until then, boa noite.

Susan Raffo said...
Yes, but have you let Miguel dip his chupa chupa in wine yet? While walking close-eyed along said castle walls?

5:05 PM

Luisa said...
No - but he did have some beer the other night when we were eating dinner outside by the beautiful rocky beach.

5:47 AM

Kristin said...
It all sounds pretty great.

10:45 AM