My life is like a canoe. It glides along nicely with virtually no wake, as long as everyone keeps their hands in the boat and no one tries to stand up. Right now, the boat is a rockin’. The kids just want to be kids and I find myself urging them to be quiet and still. Our children are not of the quiet and still variety. Ours are more of the loud and antsy variety and no amount of urging is going to change that. Miguel is always singing loudly or asking questions or practicing Olympic dismounts from stationary objects. Zeca has been pinching and biting and pulling hair when she is not hurling things across the room when we dare to suggest that perhaps she shouldn’t do those things. Sugar and spice, my ass. It feels like Luisa has the map and the compass and she keeps us moving. The children are standing up in my pretty, sleek canoe and they are laughing and slapping the water with the oars. We’re all drenched in water and I have a wet leaf stuck to my face. I’m sitting in the back, dragging my oar and thinking, “Wow, now I know why my family likes to wear beer cans around their necks…”* We have gone through a lot in recent months…construction on our home, a death in the family and, now, we are preparing for a long trip abroad. I need to relax. Maybe I should just strap on the life jackets and let the canoe flip. The water might feel refreshing.

*Picture these because, you know, the beer is then closer to your mouth.

Kristin said...
you could purchase a pontoon - room to run around and no risk of tipping over. oh, and room for a big cooler of beer.

11:01 AM

Patti Payne said...
Hey Sister your not talking about me in the canoe with the beer can around my neck are you :) I looked at your attached link to the canyard around your neck to keep your hands free. Just think if I would have thought of it we could be rolling in the money with my ideal way back in the day.. You know one thing about me -- when I end up in the old folks home I sure will have alot of great stories to tell.

6:19 AM