Miguel and his friend, Luca, started at Camp Kici Yapi on Monday. Miguel loved camp so much that he came home after the first day and told us that he was sad. We asked why and he said that he was sad because there were only 4 more days of camp left. On Monday, Luisa dropped him off. Yesterday, The Mistress of the Flans dropped him off. Today, it was my turn and we talked about it this morning.

Miguel: You haven’t dropped me off at the bus yet, have you? Me: No, today is the first time. Miguel: Are you excited to see me ride the bus by myself? Me: Of course. Miguel: I go all by myself. You don’t go with me. Me: (Miguel now snuggling in my lap) I know. Would you like to stay home and cuddle with me all day instead?

He quickly pulled back and looked me straight in the face, his smile unsure and his head tilted in suspicion. He responded, “nahhhh” and gave a nervous laugh. We cuddled until leaving for camp. We picked up Luca and, as we drove to the Y, they chanted:

Cherries on cheesecake Cherries in a pie Cherry bus is number 1 And we’re the reason why! Yay Cherry Bus!

Their smiles were incredible, so full of joy and so carefree. Their bodies vibrated with happiness and I could feel it when I rubbed against their little bodies. We waited on the sidewalk for the bus to come and they did their own thing. I watched them talking to other kids, watched Miguel play so sweetly with a little girl close in age to his sister, watched them twitch and dance in anticipation. The bus arrived and before I could envelope them in my arms for hugs and goodbyes, they were out of reach. Luca was already in her seat and Miguel was on the stairs of the bus. He looked back at me, gave me the biggest smile of the day – the smile that said, “Do you see me? Can you believe this?” and I smiled back. He scrambled onto the bus and into his seat. He poked his face out of the bus window and yelled, “Did I forget anything?” As much as I wanted to tell him that he forgot to hug me, I yelled back, “Honey, you have everything you need!” The bus pulled quickly away and I could see him waving to me as they turned the corner and disappeared.

Kristin said...
Yea Cherry Bus! Camp is awesome. Lucky Miguel.

1:36 PM

sarah george said...
what a beautiful story~ keep this.miguel will love to read it in about 20 years.

9:43 PM

Master of the Flans said...
I have read your blog. Now stop harrassing me. :)

9:00 AM

Susan Raffo said...
And of course, this morning Luca burst into tears as she was about to get on the bus, sobbing her heart out that she wanted to stay home, and I maneuvered her on to the bus in that cruel/smart parent way of knowing she'd be fine in five minutes especially when i was out of view and the bus pulled away and she was still crying and i got into my car and sobbed my way home. And we picked her up and yes, she was fine.

5:38 PM

Anonymous said...
oh and now i am crying after reading this sweet story peace & love leigh

9:13 AM

Stacy said...
Don't know if you read comments from old blogs, but . . .. . . I much prefer the Cherry Bus tune to the one they apparently sing on the Plum Bus:

"Now tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want - I wanta, I wanta, I wanta, I wanta, I wanta really, really, really, really ride the Plum Bus."

Or so I am told.

Note: Ben was very disappointed to learn that this was a cover.

7:25 PM