Overheard in the Government Center Elevator

Woman (to man): You are retiring soon, right? Man: Yes, August of 2007

My subconscious: It is hot in here and someone has been smoking.

Woman: You don’t have it down to the days?

Man: 449 days

My subconscious: Why do so many middle aged men working for Hennepin County wear Hawaiian print shirts?

Woman: And have you settled on a place to retire?

Man: Yes, we have decided on Bismarck.

My subconscious: Hmmm…there must be another Bismarck. Maybe there is a Bismarck in Germany…

Woman: Do you have family in North Dakota?

My subconscious: Man – Be gentle when you mock her for thinking that you would move to North Dakota.

Man: No, it’s #28 on Kiplinger’s list of great places to live.

My subconscious: Retiring to North Dakota?!? Please, if there is a god, don’t let me work at the county so long as to believe life would be better in Bismarck.

Emptyman said...
Wait, so the guy wants to move from the No. 2 spot on the list to the No. 28 spot?Baltimore is No. 2 on the "Murder & Heroin Monthly" list of places to live.

7:17 AM

Susan Raffo said...
i am in ohio even as we speak. not the interesting part where i grew up - cleveland - but the boring part where my mother now lives - granville. bismarck is sounding pretty hip to me. and don't they make donuts there...or something.

1:51 PM