Extreme Makeover

1. Blog Edition As you can see, I have made some dramatic changes around here. I know I have broken one of the main blogging commandments - Thou shalt not change things too often. Still, I wanted a new look. I plan on sticking with this one for awhile. Let me know what you think. Those of you who lurk here (and you know who you are) - take this as an invitation to actually leave a comment.

2. Government Center Edition

It's day two here on the flooded 14th floor. Here are a few pics of the new look in my work place.

If you think the pictures look great, you should smell the new look.

3. Addition Edition

I came home last night to the most dramatic progress on our addition yet. When they first dug the foundation, I was convinced that the addition was going to be too small. Now, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the enormity. You can barely even see the old house.

4. Oldest Child Edition

When we picked up Miguel from school yesterday, we received the following note from his teacher:

Dear Mothers,

Miguel will need a good shampoo tonight to remove the shoe polish.


Mrs. Raasch

Should this ever happen* to your child, let me just tell you - that shit doesn't come out. No matter how much shampoo you use. No matter how hard you scrub. It does - not - come - out.

*The word "happen" of course implies that your child was an innocent victim to a drive-by polishing. I can't really say that this "happened" to my son. There was no other party involved in the polishing. No other child did this to him. No other child encouraged him to do this. No, my son decided to polish his head all by himself. You can imagine our pride...

Emptyman said...
How does he even have access to shoe polish?I am digging the fox drawing that goes with your profile.

8:06 AM

Vikki said...
Apparently, Maria Montessori was a big fan of shoe polish.It's one of the Practical Life activities available in his classroom. Something tells me he may have lost his polishing privilges,however.

8:26 AM

Kristin said...
I am sure your sister loves the patriotic theme of your new blog duds.Now I want to copy you and have a photo insignia.

11:10 AM

Vikki said...
Kristin - you were not supposed to point out the red, white and blue. You did that on purpose!My sister actually doesn't like the new look. Too much white.

11:13 AM

jason said...
Ah, but the stark whiteness of the page leaves the reader to focus on the great weight and importance of the words themselves.A sophisticated technique of an experienced blogger, if you ask me...

11:46 AM

Vikki said...
Jason - you revealed yourself! Thanks!

11:47 AM

Kristin said...
I just wanted everyone to see the photo Augie took of me last night.

11:49 AM

Susan Raffo said...
I am so sure Miguel was innocent, innocent I tell you. And it isn't red white and blue - it's white, red and blue in descending order of use. There's a difference, Kristin. I like the profile drawings. High art.

2:25 PM

Emptyman said...
Do we notice that Augie has her waving a white surrender flag?

9:31 AM