Catastrophe Team

A water main burst on the 14th floor of the Government Center and half of it is flooded. I work on the 14th floor. Let me just say that the carpet here is very old. The maintenance staff no longer regularly vaccum because of budget cuts. We have had a terrible mouse infestation since I started here 9 years ago. Water...mouse urine...dirt - imagine the smell that the giant fans are blowing around in here. There are men wandering around wearing black t-shirts that read "Catastrophe Team". If I could get one of those shirts, this would all be worthwhile.

Emptyman said...
Is electricity so expensive in Minnesota that money is actually saved by not vacuuming? Or did they fire all of the housekeepers? I mean even in you only had one person vacuuming one floor each day you would still be vacuumed a couple of times each month, right?

12:30 PM

Susan Raffo said...
i think that most people believe if you keep dirt on the carpet, it keeps the rooms warmer in the winter, thereby cutting down on heating costs.

1:24 PM

Kristin said...
I like drawing you did of yourself.I am in great denial about the overwhelming smell of client garbage house

2:26 PM