The Peep Fairy

When Luisa picked Miguel up from school last night, she found a giant, plush, purple Peep stuffed into his school mailbox. I tried to explain to him that it was probably meant for me because people know how much I like Peeps. He insisted that it was meant for him because it was in his mailbox. He insisted that he needed the purple Peep. I was faced with a of Peeps versus love of child. I let him have the damn Peep.

Later in the evening, I called my friend Peggy (a teacher at Miguel's school) and asked if she had put the Peep in his box. She has yet to respond but I don't think it was her because the Peep does not smell like her house. Yes, my sense of smell is that impressive. I then called my friend Kris (also a teacher at Miguel's school) and she said that she did not put the Peep in Miguel's box. I then called my friend Kristin and asked if she had, by chance, been stuffing large Peeps in people's mail boxes and she said that she had not. So, we have a mystery here.

Who put the purple Peep in Miguel's mailbox?




Today's peep photo is of the the second Peep centerpiece that I made (2004). This is the one that set the standard for future centerpieces. After the Easter egg hunt, I took it to work where my colleagues nibbled on it...until a staff person threw it unceremoniously into the trash without even asking me. I still haven't quite gotten over that.

Peep Fact (Courtesy of Raquel): Employee Candy Madea is Peeps eye inspector. Peeps with missing or mislocated eyes are melted down.

Where are the PETA activists when you need them?

Kristin said...
I predict that it is JILL PARRISH. JILL PARRISH please show yourself.

1:17 PM

Susan Raffo said...
I think Emptyman put two and two together - he read that you work at Hennepin County, he knows your name, and he decided to pull a peep one on you.

2:00 PM

Susan Raffo said...
oh, right, Miguel's mailbox. Hmmmm.....Luisa?

2:43 PM

Anonymous said...
damn. why did i get caught so quickly? me thinks it's because i came out to kristin that i have been led to the view from the mountain that is the blog of hers. i found this peep at an interesting store where target sells things that either didn't make it on to the floor or things that they haven't put out yet. i saw it and it was an immediate reaction that it needed to find a good home. and who else could it go to? JIL p.

5:07 PM