People who need Peeple

Yesterday morning, Miguel woke up and could not wait to tell me about a dream that he had had. He said: I was at a birthday party with Stella and Augie and there were all kinds of peeps! There were pink and blue and yellow peeps but there were also orange and brown peeps! They were so sugary and yummy. It was like a peep party!

My heart swelled with my pride because my son knew instinctually that the peep season was upon us. Robins, schmobins - peeps are the true first signs of Spring.

I am a lover of the peeps. I don't really enjoy eating them, though I do force down a row or two every year out of respect. I love peeps as pop culture icons, as confection curiosities, as a medium for creativity. At this time of year, I often feel compelled to run out and buy peeps in large quantities because they 0nly come around once a year and I fear that the stores will run out before I get enough of them. Who am I kidding? Can you really ever have enough peeps? I must confess that I have bought hundreds of after box lined up on my shelves just waiting to be freed from their packaging, waiting for me to unleash their potential.

So, as we countdown to Easter, I will include some of the stills from my unfinished movie, "The Peep Show" and I will include pictures of the peep centerpieces I have made for the past few years. Perhaps, I'll even include a peepy fact or two (courtesy of the Just Born web site). Enjoy!

Fact: As many as 4.2 million PEEPS® are made each day at Just Born's Bethlehem, Pennsylvania factory.