Peepy Friday

I took today off from work because Zeca only has daycare for half of the day. I have many phone calls to make and errands to run, so, this will be short.

First, the Mystery of the Purple Peep has been solved. Jil, a parent at Miguel's school, stuffed the Peep into Miguel's box. Apparently, Jil has been secretly reading this blog which is very cool. So, thank you (and hello) Jil - the Peep is very happy in its new home...

Secondly, today's picture is of the Peep centerpiece from last year. In my defense (yes, a defense is needed as you will soon see), we had a newborn baby. Newborn babies excuse everything. I didn't come up with a vision for the centerpiece until the morning of Easter which is never good. It is hard to create when the baby is crying and wants to nurse, your post partum hormones are raging and your 3 year old is begging for Peeps and licking Peep sugar off the table. There would have been no centerpiece at all if not for Luisa who took the peeps from my trembling hands as I sobbed and did the best she could with the materials and Peeps we had available. We learned a lot from the making of this one...1)Peeps do not do well threaded onto wire - there is ripping and sticking and terrible deformities 2)Grand Peep Visions should be tested in advance and 3)There are some things that even cute stickers can't fix.

Kristin said...
What about the centerpiece that was in the big vase? That was my favorite.Hey Jill - If you are reading this, nice write up in the Courier.

7:07 AM