My Professional Life

For those of you that don't know me...I am an Adult Protection social worker for Hennepin County in Minnesota. I investigate reports of abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults. It's a great job and it is shocking or mundane, depending on the day. Today, things are more of the snoozy variety. Here is what I have done since I got to work today:

  1. Co-facilitate a meeting to discuss case load standards and case assignment issues
  2. Obtain copies of case load statistics for the past 5 years
  3. Write the minutes for the meeting and e-mail to everyone
  4. Go to Starbucks for beans - purchase Organic Shade Grown Mexico Starbucks coffee beans (recommended by Starbucks barista barely old enough to have facial hair)
  5. Eat turkey and cheese sandwich with a side of baby carrots
  6. Read and respond to e-mails regarding the minutes (6 people praised me, 1 shamed me)
  7. Talk about crazy colleague with work friends
  8. Report to a supervisor that my meeting minutes offended a co-worker to head off the complaints about me that will surely follow
  9. Return to my desk to find a GIGANTIC stapler on my desk with instructions from the head clerical person that say, "Vikki - here is the new stapler for CEP/Intake. Being such a smart person, I'll let you read the instructions and explain to others."
  10. Recycle numerous pop cans in cube (11, to be exact)
  11. Read stapler instructions and curse at heavy duty stapler that will not submit to my intellect
  12. Engage in e-mail conversation with offended co-worker regarding meeting
  13. Give up "working" and start blogging


No peep fact for today...just a picture of my son eating his very first peep ever (Easter 2003)...

Kristin said...
I think you need one of my new T-shirts. Please refer to my attorney, Emptyman, for further details.

1:04 PM

Emptyman said...
What is this, Cute Kids Of The Upper Midwest Day?As your attorney, I am advising you that stress, as such, is not a compensable injury for worker's compensation claims. But if you get stressed out and staple a coworker's lips together, the co-worker WILL be able to make a comp claim, so in the end, overall workplace efficiency is improved. (1) You're not stressed out anymore (2) A coworker who was a drag on production is removed from the equation, and (3) Said co-worker will continue to get a check for doing nothing, but now he/she doesn't have to leave home.I say, make the insurance system work for you, not against you.

8:47 AM