Home Stretch

For all of you that are just trying to survive the peep posts, we are in the home stretch now. There will only be two more peep posts and then a post-Easter recap that will include a picture of this year's peep centerpiece. I would first like to declare peeps to be the winner of the official Up Popped A Fox poll that pitted peeps against circus peanuts. Circus peanuts came in second and dental surgery came in third. The poll was illuminating...I did not know that circus peanuts were such scoundrels. Thank you all for voting.

Peep Fact: Just Born is America's largest manufacturer of seasonal marshmallow confections, with PEEPS® hailing as the top selling non-chocolate Easter candy brand for the last decade. PEEPS® even outsell jellybeans.

Today's peep picture is the first of three depicting the evolution of the Vikki Reich peeps centerpiece. From simple beginnings...