About Last Night

I rush from the car to the house in the pouring rain, Zeca bouncing in my arms. We get inside and get out of our soaked outerwear. Zeca goes into the kitchen and I go to listen to messages. Suddenly, I hear water running in the kitchen. I think, "What the hell is she in to now?" I run to the kitchen and Zeca is playing quietly with the refrigerator magnets. I follow the sound into the pantry where I see water streaming in from the ceiling. Not dripping. Streaming. There is a plastic basket nearby and I put that under the stream. The basket has holes in the side and the water seeps out, cascading down the counter onto the wood floor. I run to the dining room and grab a large bowl. I put the bowl under the stream while I go to grab towels. When I race back with the towels, the bowl is already full. I empty the bowl and run back. I start to mop up the water with the towels when I am pelted with small objects flying through the air. I turn to see Zeca, her fat hands full of cat food. She is tossing it into the air like confetti. I am being pelted with celebratory kitty chow. I yell, "NO!" She laughs and works faster. I grab her and carry her to the other side of the room while I try to scoop up the food to put it back in the bowl. She runs back, grabs more - food rains down on us again. I kneel, stretch out one leg and put my foot on her chest to keep her at bay. She squeals and strains but does not figure out that she can just walk around my foot. I scoop up the food and throw it in the bowl. I put the cat bowls on the counter. I go back to the pantry and the bowl is full of water again. I need a bigger bowl. I pick up Zeca and run to the basement. I find a lovely green bucket and I bound up the stairs with Zeca hugging the bucket. I pry the bucket from her hands. She cries...she does not want to be separated from the bucket. I put her down and place the bucket under the stream. I go to the refrigerator and get the cheese. I cut cheese cubes for Zeca so that she will not mourn the bucket. She eats cheese and I mop up water. Soon, she is gone and I hear banging in the foyer. I run to the foyer to see her banging on the storm door. She is gleeful - she has mashed cheese all over the glass. I shut the door, leaving cheese on the storm door. I carry her to the other room and call the contractor and beg him to come fix this. He promises he will be there as soon as he can. I hang up. I stand there in the foyer, holding my cheesy daughter while water streams into the bucket and the power flickers. The door opens and Miguel and Luisa walk in - "Welcome to the not so fun house!" I say.


Peep Fact: It would take approximately 8,000 vertical PEEPS® to equal the height of the tallest building in North America, Sears Tower in Chicago.

In this picture, our peeps enjoy a nice campfire on the beach.

Kristin said...
It's hard to believe that you did that all without setting Zeca out with today's recycling. Bully for you.

11:31 AM

Susan Raffo said...
Well, at least she left the cheese on the storm door. It would have been sad if she had stopped to scrape it off. Double bully, Vikki. Is the cheese still there?

3:00 PM

queenalisha said...
Aren't the peeps roasting marsmallows a little canabalistic? Am I the only one bothered by this? Still, a good conceptual piece.

11:54 AM

Vikki said...
Yeah...there is supposed to be humor in that.

12:00 PM