Blogging is Contagious

Hi, my name is Vikki. I can almost hear all of you saying, "Hi Vikki" in wonderful Alcoholics Anonymous fashion.

I'm really not sure what I am doing with this. My good friend Kristin started blogging recently and suggested that I write up a little somethin' myself and I said, "Nah", and she said, "I wouldn't think you were copying me" and I said, "Nah" and then she dropped it. No more encouragement, nothing - dropped it just like that. So, how is that I am writing this...well, I was trying to post a comment on her blog and had to register and I couldn't figure out how to do it without registering and then blah blah blah.

So, here I am. I haven't really thought much about this post (which I'm sure is shocking given the life altering content so far). For today, I will just share a poem that I wrote and I will see if I can come up with something better another time. Really, though, who are we kidding? What can be better than poetry about vegetables?

Ode to a Baby Carrot

by Vikki Reich

Your're little and orange and tasty to boot. Why am I troubled that you are so cute? I am guilty and ashamed that you're all alone- Taken from your mother, stripped from your home Yet I sit here and gnaw and chew you to bits Being a carrot is really the pits.



Kristin said...
you copycat.

3:40 PM

Susan Raffo said...
i want more poetry.

1:17 PM